Why I disappeared off the internet, and what's on the cards for me and you now I'm back!

First of all thanks for being super awesome and following along with this little blog of mine - I appreciate every single one of you! You rock. Second, thanks for being so supportive and helpful with the growth of The Seekers Space - the design, mission and purpose of the website has been evolving quite fast throughout the last year, and I'm so glad you have all stuck around for the ride! 

I want to announce that we are all on another roller coaster ride of evolving changes, as I have decided to really hone in on what I enjoy doing and sharing with you online. I have struggled with getting this website's mission and niche clear to my readers (which is why you have already seen lots of changes and updates while I've worked through this) and I have finally made the tough decision to split the two niches into two websites. I had tried meshing it all together, but it just didn't sit right with me so I am going to be running two sites - the original, The Seekers Space, which is travel and lifestyle focussed. This will have the travel tales, my personal journey around the world and my discoveries as I go. The new website will be the home to my creative ventures - design, photography, blogging tips - I hope it will be a source of inspiration and advice for other creatives trying to stand out and get noticed online. It feels like a weight off my shoulders to be finally getting sorted!

Some of you may be aware that I am in the initial stages of starting my own freelance business as a designer (among other skills) and the new website will reflect the professional efforts I make to bring this dream to life, as well as the successes and failures along the way! 

So here, I give you a few options. I would love for you to stick around and stay involved with The Seekers Space - if you love travel, creating a lifestyle you love and seeing what I'm up to then that's fab! Stick around. If you are a blogger, artist, or creative entrepreneur trying to make it online, then I invite you to join me on the new website too - I will be shifting my blogging posts over there to their new home, and future posts will cover blogging, design tips, social media hacks as well as my design projects and more :)

The website is live but not totally finished but I would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think! You can keep following along on social media too, my handles are @jessie_broad on twitter, periscope, pinterest and instagram, and @jessie_theseekersspace for the Seekers Space Instagram :)

So what's with all the changes? Why do all this work? 

Well, let me fill you in. I have been obsessed with the digital world ever since I discovered blogging four years ago. In the years since then I have learnt a lot, and filled my social media feeds with hundreds of talented people building careers for themselves in the creative digital sphere. It was a total lightbulb moment realising I could do that too, so that has been my sole mission since! Business and life is an ever evolving gift, but it's also easy to get wrapped up in what we *should* be doing, by seeing how others have lead the way. 

I have felt guilty about not sticking to the straight path (start a blog, blog about one thing, follow the masses...) and doing things 'properly'. But I figure, I need to do this the way that is right for me. And because I am young and my interests are still being discovered, it makes sense that what I do online changes over time too. So I'm sorry if I have confused any of you over the last year with the changes to the website - it was a period of discovery and has lead me to where I am now - and I am super excited about these changes and new possibilities! 

I really hope that you stick with me and join me on the new ventures online - I can't wait to share the new website and Instagram with you! Stay tuned for two new posts on the travel blog - I have been to Wales, Scotland AND Liverpool in the few months, which were a blast. 

Thanks for being here!