Weekend Collection: Inspiration for You

I've been on holiday recently, and I have to admit I've found it really hard to switch back into work mode. After having been hectically busy for weeks on end, I was feeling a bit resistant to start it all back up again. But the time has come, and I am excited to finally get back into regular blogging! 

Today is the first in the inspiration series, where I do a round up of links and articles that I've found intriguing or inspiring in some way. When you are focused on a creative field or hobby, the best thing you can do for your creativity is look at fields other than yours and find inspiration there! Here's what I've found this week....

Smiling Mind

You may have heard of mindfulness being mentioned more and more recently, as the trend continues to prove worthwhile. Smiling Mind is a non-profit group teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques through their website and apps. There are age specific programs, or programs to help with certain situations such as sport or work. Cool, calm and collected? Yes please! I find James Tutton, the co-founder of Smiling Mind just as interesting as the concept itself, so check out this article about him, and his thoughts on meditation, creativity and philosophy. One thing that stuck with me was a quote by James in one of my favorite magazines (Renegade Collective) about working....

"There's a lot to be said for being an outsider to an industry. When you come from outside, you don't necessarily take on the assumptions that people within that industry are making." -James Tutton


We Work is just one of the many global companies that offers shared workspaces, which I think is just the coolest thing ever! Although they are one of the largest companies doing it, they haven't reached smaller cities. On the plus side, its proving a very popular idea and one you will be able to find with local companies (it's here in Napier, so that just proves my point!). If you work from home or coffee shops,  why not shack up with other freelancers and ping ideas off of each other?

Trend Hunter

Created by Jeremy Gutsche by inviting people to 'find cool things', the website has grown into a multimillion dollar business. Although not the prettiest site, it has a huge amount of innovative ideas and products for you to browse through. I love the design and eco section, and it's an example of how starting something small on the interwebs can take off and become something very big!

Zosen Y Mina

Spot a bright and happy illustrated mural in Europe, United States, South America or Japan and it might have been created by the very talented Barcelona based pair, Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada - otherwise know as Zosen Y Mina. I hope to come across some one day! Check out their Tumblr, or Instagram (Zosen Bandido or Mina Hamada) for all the colourful pieces they've done. 

zosen y mina
zosen y mina


One of my ultimate faves in the blogosphere, Jen is a blogger and creative coach. Her blogs tagline is 'An creative resource for movers, shakers and doers', which I just love. Her posts are really informational, well thought out and interesting. Feeling stuck? Got to make a difficult decision? Want to know how to streamline your online business? Check out her blog, you are bound to find some sweet tips.

Little Grey Box's Real Adventurers

I get super excited when Phoebes' posts pop up in my blog feed (I use Bloglovin and its brilliant) because they are just so darn good. I especially covet her real adventurers section - interviews with people out there in the big wide world doing what we all wish we were doing! The interviews show how people do the travel-bug justice, and their stories of the world. A great source of travel inspiration!

What's inspired you recently?