An Unconventional Retirement Plan

I just read a truly inspiring blog written by famous travel writer, Nomadic Matt. He is one of the worlds great travel bloggers, a source of informative and interesting travel writing and blogging expertise.

This weeks Matts' post was about a Canadian couple who sold their home and left their 'normal' life behind to go travelling... If you look into travel blogging, most of the writers are advocating this way of life, and how they and their friends have done it successfully. This couple however, was slightly different to the rest - they were in their seventies, and decided to sell their home, put the money into investments and travel off it's earnings and their pension. How about that?!?!

I have never heard of anybody ever doing something like this - it's wildly different to how people imagine spending their retirement and a very brave decision indeed.

Click the link here, to see how they have spent their retirement so far!

Would you choose to sell the item you have spent your life saving up for and paying off, and live off it's earnings? It's a totally different way of spending your retirement years - and doesn't it sound wonderful? Good on them, I hope I can be brave enough to make decisions like that one day too!

Would you spend your retirement travelling like this? Or is that just too much?