Your 11 Lives: What Are You Going To Do?

All our lives we hear the sentence, "You only live once!" and it has coined the recent life motto - 'YOLO'. It is a way for people to justify doing something out of their comfort zone - physically, mentally, financially or another, we will do something out of the ordinary for us since we 'only live once'. We don't want to miss out, and we know there isn't a second chance.

We are getting better at taking options or chances that we may have passed up on prior to the YOLO phenomenon, but it can be developed a lot further. The YOLO phrase is directed at having life experiences before you kick the bucket, but what about thinking about the past phases of your life as a 'death', and having the next life to reinvent yourself and change what you want to do?

Now I'm talking about death in much the same sense as the death card in Tarot - something in your life ending, and exciting new beginnings. Zach Weiner, the comic author/illustrator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal created the poster below that illustrates this idea....

This is a really positive way of life planning - especially for people stuck in a rut, or young adults trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Many people leave high school in one of two mind sets - they either have a clear idea of what they want to do, since they have wanted to do it for a long time or  they have no idea at all. The latter group will usually have little idea of what really makes them happy, and may even feel guilty and confused about why they don't know what they want to do. I know of many people who go to University because it's the right thing to do - and it's quite often what's expected of us. BUT, with so many lives on offer - why rush it?


Age 11 - Life ONE. We go off to intermediate and high school full of excitement, it's a safe environment and we learn, learn, learn, to get good marks. It's the beginning of our seven year cycles - perfecting one thing, then beginning the next life cycle.

Age 18 - Life TWO: This is where we start to make serious choices! University? Gap Year? Travel? Join the workforce? Most courses take a few years of study, and then a few more years to get all set up in your career. Travelling, gap years and work will give you life experience and most likely help you figure out what you want to do - then, you might start the next life phase earlier with a sure plan in place :)

Life THREE:  So your career isn't all it was cracked up to be? Found something else more enthralling? Got something you've always wanted to do? Do it. It's the next phase - the old one can die and the new life will begin :)

I'm currently in my second life - I have done my studies and am working as a vet nurse, but most of my energy is spent on my creative channels, (blogging, writing, art, and hopefully soon photography), future planning and finding out what I love doing. I hope to spend the next few years of this remaining 'life' continuing this, as well as working and travelling. :) Maybe do some more nursing in the UK, work on my writing skills, see more of the world... It's going to be busy! By the end of this I'll be 25 - then who knows what will happen next? Maybe any of these lives...

Life THREE: Study Classics and Ancient History - archaeology, historian or researcher?
Life FOUR: Own a business/work for myself
Life FIVE: Write and publish a book
Life SIX: Study again - Art/Design/Drama
Life SEVEN: Get domestic- Buy a house, get married and have a baby or two
Life EIGHT/NINE/TEN/ELEVEN.... I'm going to leave these options open for whatever new opportunity or idea that presents itself!

These are your lifetimes - USE THEM :)

This idea changes how we can live our lives by opening our mind to all the possibilities - there is no reason why you must stay in one career or life choice for the rest of your lives - do yourself a favour and change it up!

How have you spent your lives so far? What would you like to do with your remaining lives? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear!