An A to Z of the World's Must-See Countries

Recently a friend spoke to me about my bucket list, and the amount of items he had ticked off of it... Needless to say I was extremely jealous and vowed to do better, but he raised another interesting point. Throughout his travels, he had visited a country starting with every letter in the alphabet (except x - a country beginning with x doesn't exist). There are 193 countries in the world, so there will obviously be countries that aren't on the list. (I know that there are differing sites about the number of countries, but I just go with Google!). I think this idea is a great starting point for my travel goals - lets not bite off more than I can chew..... ;)

The A to Z must-see countries of the world:

A: Australia - home to the 'outback', the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, top quality surfing, buzzing cities.... So much makes it a must-see!
B: Brazil! Rio de Janiero, The Amazon - need I say more?
C: This was hard - there are so many cool countries beginning with C!! Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Costa Rica, China... Just to name a few! Its a tie between Canada and Cambodia. Canada because its so big and beautiful, Cambodia because of the history.
D: Dominican Republic - who doesn't want to visit the Caribbean?!?
E: Egypt! No competitors here, there isn't much cooler historic monuments than what's in Egypt.
F: France - there's just so many iconic places to visit, it has to be on the list :)
G: Greece! Ancient civilisations, beautiful beaches and islands.... I get goose bumps thinking about this place. I just cant wait!
H: Honduras - The first picture on Lonely Planet is a Toucan - I'm sold. Stunning National parks... OH. I love Honduras already!
I: Indonesia - I read so much about the wonders of Indonesia from other travel bloggers - I need to go and find out the allure of this place for myself :)
J: Japan or Jordan? Its a tough choice! Jordans' history or Japans cultural and natural wonders? Jordan wins by a margin, simply because this place has always fascinated me :)
K: Kenya - maybe do a safari? See some lions, leopards, rhino's.... Woohoo!

L: Laos - Bordering Thailand in South East Asia with dense forest and lots of culture... Sounds like a delightful destination :)
M: Madagascar or Mexico??? I may have to call a tie on this one too - mainly because they both look so incredibly fascinating!
N: Nepal - there's just so much to see and experience here - the culture and history, Kathmandu and that little old thing called Mount Everest...
O: Oman - It sounds, beautiful, empty and ready to be explored.
P: Peru - Machu Picchu is on the bucket list, and Peru has a wealth of history I cant wait to explore :D
Q: Qatar - As there was no other contenders for the letter Q, Qatar wins!
R: Romania or Rwanda? Mountains and gorillas or castles and mysteries? Hmmm, mountains and gorillas are more up my alley, Rwanda it is :)
S: Spain - it just seems like the most amazing place! And I've always wanted to learn Spanish :)
T: Thailand - I've only been to Bangkok - and I cant wait to explore everything else Thailand has to offer.
U: USA - Eeeeekkkk I cant wait to check out the States! So much to see!
V: Vanuatu - picture perfect island beaches, top quality snorkelling and diving, friendly locals... Paradise :)
W: Wallis Island - a teeny tiny little island in the Polynesian isles, it sounds much more fascinating than the other W countries that are still figuring out if they want to be a country...
Y: Yemen - they have crazy Dr Seuss trees, this is more than enough reason to go to Yemen. It's also the only country starting with Y!
Z: Zimbabwe - I might wait until the political issues have settled, but this place boasts gorgeous scenery and royal treatment - sounds great!