Working Overseas: The Options


Even though I  am saving my little buttocks off to have as much money in my savings as possible, I'm not delusional about the cost of travelling around the world. I know that there are ways of doing it for cheaper than the prices advertised on glossy magazines and TV adverts, but I also want to be able to do as much as possible when I'm in places. Scuba Diving. Tours. Guides... I don't want to do this half-heartedly so I know that I'm going to need some dosh supporting me. I'm going to need to work as I travel!

So what are my options?

Vet Nursing: I am already qualified and have experience as a vet nurse, and I have heard it isn't too hard to get jobs overseas (compared to other jobs). It is also better paid in Australia and the UK, so they could be definite options. To nurse in the UK however I need to be 'Listed' which would require my certification and experience being assessed, which would only cost me a little and time and money but would be worth it. My other plan is to do some volunteer work - hopefully with the Worldwide Veterinary Service. They do spey/neuter projects, vaccinations and education in placements all over the world. Nursing in the Caribbean, the Amazon, Africa and Greece....? Sounds right up my alley!

Teaching English: I may as well take advantage of something I do naturally! I have a friend who has been teaching English in Korea and Thailand, who couldn't speak a word of either when he started. I also recently read an inspiring blog about a Polish girl who was teaching English in Costa Rico - if she can teach others her second language, then I think it must be doable! Emily's story about teaching English in Korea is really inspiring too, and a good starting point for some basic how-to's. A TESOL qualification seems the go though, so I will have to get into a bit more learning!

Find a job through an organisation: There are lots of places that offer a job on arrival, bank account set up, phones and sim cards... All the basics to make it easy to get set up in a new country! So far I've looked into Global Work and Travel, STA Travel, CCUSA (Summer Camps in America), IEP (Working Adventures Worldwide) and they look pretty good.


Finding a normal job like a normal person: Nearly everywhere I've been, I've met people from different parts of the world. This just goes to show that there are jobs for foreigners, so I can do the same! Get to know the locals, find some work wherever I'm needed.... Sounds like a great plan. I obviously can't plan this much more than that - I will have to wait and see where I end up!

I've always wanted to work as a bartender! Photo credit:

I've always wanted to work as a bartender! Photo credit: