I'm a serial planner - I drive my boyfriend mad with planning, since he's a very 'go with the flow' type. Me, however, I revel in planning things. I have notebooks specific to what I'm planning, and love researching to find out more information. I appreciate 'going with the flow', but sometimes the thinking and the lead up to doing something is just as enjoyable as throwing yourself headfirst into something unexpectedly - statistics say people appreciate holidays more if they have planned them and looked forward to them, than if they get a last minute deal! So, I'm not crazy :)

Also, since I am attempting to plan future long term travel, I have a funny feeling I need to make sure I don't forget anything - which is where this blog comes in. This is my outlet for all my worthy information, findings and plans for travel, which you in turn may find helpful. Woopee!


As of July, 2014, this is THE PLAN:

  1. WORK. I need to work my little butt off at my vet nursing job to save up as much money as I possibly can. How much will I need? ALOT.
  2. Step 2 of many: Make this blog as awesome as I possibly can while still working full time. In the future I am hoping it may become a source of income, but if it doesn't then that's okay too. But it will be awesome :)
  3. PLAN, PLAN, AND MORE PLANNING. Flights. Accommodation. Jobs. Destinations. Money. Cat sitters. Get rid of stuff. The list goes on!
  4. Cycle repeat until January 2015. At this point, my BF will receive his New Zealand residency, meaning we can come and go as we please. (Before this time we cannot, due to his temporary residency criteria).
  5. Say goodbye to family, friends and my cats, and get on a very big plane destined for The United Kingdom.
  6. Have a short holiday, catch up with family and friends before settling in to work. Work will either be vet nursing again, or wherever I can find a decent paying job. I'm not fussy!
  7. Again, work my little butt off to save even more, and to go on short trips across to Europe (when it's so close - why not??)
  8. After 9 months to a year in the UK, we will leave on further adventures!
  9. America, Africa, Europe, Asia.....Wherever I can get to. For how long? Until we get sick of it! A couple of years maybe? Sounds good to me :) 
  10. Settle in New York or Texas for a period of time (at least a couple of months) so I can train with the ultimate Roller Derby leagues - Gotham City, and the Texas Rollergirls.
  11. Come home, save and buy a house... Maybe get married? Do all the normal stuff. No biggie. Or whatever we decide to do!

Ta Da! The plan! It's simple really. No reason why this can't all work out... :) I'm sure things will change as time goes on, and that's great too. Bring on the adventures!


What are your travel plans? Have you ever had any really big trips that you planned well or badly for?