The Best Websites For Travel Inspiration

Do you want some inspiration for your next trip? Do you want to go somewhere and you can't decide where? I love having a good nosey at places other people have been - here are a few of my favorite websites for travel inspiration :)


I've only recently discovered and started to enjoy Triptease - you can search for any place in the world and see what people have written about them. You can follow other users and gain your own followers - I think it is a great opportunity for travel writers and bloggers since the site still needs more content! Create your own 'tripteases' and share them with the world in their stylish, magazine-like interface. 


I signed up for this site a while ago, but recently have started to use it more and more - I love it! Using your location, Trover will generate the closest discoveries near you, and getting further away. A super handy tool for when you need some ideas for things to do in a new town, city, or country! All of the discoveries are put up by people who have traveled to those places, have an in-depth description and people use their own photos. Other users can 'thank' you for your discoveries too, which has such a feel-good factor :)


The essential review site - destinations, flights, hotels, restaurants and photos on Tripadvisor are all laden with information vital to your decision making. It will help you decide where to go, where to stay and where to eat! If you have something to say about some place, then write a review! Help some one else out by letting them know what you thought. We chose our hotel in Bangkok based on Tripadvisor reviews, and we loved it! Need an offline version? Check out Triposo.

Rome to Rio

Don't like flying? Or you want to see more of the countryside while you are travelling? Maybe you just want to scope out how much it is and to plan a route for your next roadie... For all of these things, Rome to Rio is fabulous! It will give you the cheapest route, the quickest route, and also the alternative routes via train, car, bus or ferry! Easy to use, it gives you the prices in your chosen currency, and you can click on whichever route you want for more information (e.g. which train company you can book through, their schedule etc!)

Lonely Planet

Ah, Lonely Planet. It has to be included in every kind of list involving travel, because it will always be helpful and inspiration! Your go-to site for information about anywhere in the world, the fantastic Thorn Tree Forum for questions, and great interactive pages. My favorite part of the site is the 'Inspiration' page, where you can click through the upcoming calendar and see the best place to be on different days! It caters to every style of travelling, you can spend hours on here! 


Wanderlusters is one of my favorite blogs on the whole internet! The couple (Charli and Ben) are two very likeable Brits who have been travelling full time since 2011. Their website is a treasure trove of adventures, incredible photography and travel advice. Their destinations list is enviable and their house sitting guides are super helpful too - check them out! 


Another blogger on the blogosphere recommended this site - and I honestly think it's the future of travel planning! With Amadeus you can start off vague - enter a type of holiday you want to do, like diving, an Asian adventure or maybe a safari, and they will suggest destinations for your holiday. Or if you have a specific place in mind, enter it and the dates and duration of your holiday for more suggestions. The other users can make their holiday plans public so you can use them for inspiration too! Even better, if you are planning a trip with friends, you can all be involved with the same plans, share notes and see bookings together. They also have a handy tools page with a world clock, city weather forecasts, currency and other conversion guides, airport and subway maps and more - bonus! 


Have you used any of these sites to plan your holidays? Do you have any other favorite travel websites? I'd love to hear about what you use!