The Travel Wishlist: Christmas Edition

Does someone you know love to travel? Maybe they love day trips to a neighbourhood town, or a week at the islands - or around-the-world trips! There's always going to be something they want or need that you can light up their Christmas with - check these goodies on my list, you might find something for yourself or the traveller in your life!

1. Travel Inspiration

Lonely Planet or Nat Geo Traveller magazines maybe? Or this fantastic book that I can't read fast enough - Lonely Planet's 'The World's Great Wonders'. More than just stunning photography, it tells you all the fascinating details about how these amazing structures and landscapes came together too.

2. Photography Essentials

A lot of travellers want to keep a record of the amazing people and places they have met and seen. They need the right gear to do just that - a camera, camera bag and possibly lenses depending on their camera! On my list is the Sigma AF18-35mm f1.8 lens... It's only $1099 Santa! Hmmm.... I might have to be extra good. How about these cool as cucumbers cover and handbag insert? LOVE! Or check out these straps on Etsy.

4. Technology - of course!

For those who want to travel long-term, it's essential. Can you imagine skyping your parents on a 4 inch screen for an infinite amount of months? Some travellers work online too, so having a reliable and light laptop is important. MacBook Air anybody? Or a tablet for reading books and playing games while between destinations? Or something cheaper - maybe a case (like the one below) to keep these kind of goodies safe? 

5. Super Nifty Luggage Tags  

Nobody wants a boring bag, so why have a boring tag? My suitcase is lovely adorned with bright handkerchiefs, but I think a nifty new tag would definitely spruce it up! 

6. A Handy-Dandy Notebook

Moleskine Travel Notebooks - these babies are super cool. The 'City Notebooks' have are mini guidebooks with maps and more, that you can fill in with all of your trips details. Their standard 'Travel Notebook' has sections for your mementos, planners and itineraries, checklists and more. For the super-traveller, this hardy little 'Voyageur Notebook' may be better suited. Most local bookshops have a small array of travel journals too, so have a nosy there too! 

7. Crumpled Maps 

If they have a specific destination in mind, then I'm sure they would benefit from one of these convenient little maps. They don't need folding, they are waterproof and super light. They may save you a bit of cash as well, by not using Google maps on your phone every five minutes! Apparently they dont go into incredible detail, but for general navigation they will be great. A good stocking stuffer!


I could go on and on here - accessories for travelers are never-ending :)
How about....

  • Jewelry? 
  • Clothes?
  • A scarf that hides your passport?
  • An inspiring wall print or trendy globe?
  • A holder for their passport, tickets and other essentials - tutorial found here 
  • An eye mask for long flights?
  • Headphones?

I hope that you feel a little more inspired for Christmas! Check out my new Pinterest Board of travel gifts for all of these and more :)

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!