The Search for the Dream Job: My Story

We all want it don't we? The elusive 'dream job'... For some it becomes a reality, and for many others it is a faraway dream that is never seen as a real possibility. People need to realize that with a little faith, a little hard work and some courage we can all be living our dream. 

This post is my story - the practical steps I'm taking towards my dream job. I have realized I am the only one holding myself back, and have started the uphill battle to make my dream happen. This is my mind map, and also an explanation about renaissance souls, and our unusual approach to our working life. 

I'm probably not like you. 

Not in the 'I have six toes' kind of way (which I don't!) but in the way that I know my mind set towards working is much different to most people. Barbara Sher and Margaret Lobenstine are authors of two very similar books, about a particular type of people - 'Scanners' or 'Renaissance Souls'. I prefer the latter term (it sounds waaaaay more interesting!) and it means that we simply have too many interests to keep us on a straight path for the duration of our lives. Some people may never change their career path or lifestyle since they are completely happy with it and that's fabulous. Renaissance Souls however, are the opposite. We are addicted to new challenges, may only have a few constant lifelong interests or hobbies and are always bursting with ideas. We will tire of things that are no longer challenging and will seek new interests, so we need to design a lifestyle that will fit this way of life! 

How do I know this?

I feel very fortunate that I have discovered this so early in my life so I can use it to its full advantage. When vet nursing was suggested as a career for me, I jumped on the idea like a flea to a dog. Studying is one of my favorite things to do, and the steep learning curve in practice was exciting. For over a year now I have been head nurse, and I feel like I am ready for the next challenge. I am an avid reader, and knew when I read 'I could do anything, if only I knew what it was' that nursing wasn't the final stop for me! I have too many things that I want to do in my life, so I need an umbrella career to satisfy my curiosity and living requirements.


Umbrella Career? 

What...?!?!? An umbrella career is a job that allows many interests to be satisfied all at once. The options for renaissance souls are to have a job or jobs that help our interest (in regards to time and resources), different career paths pursued sequentially, or an 'umbrella' title that embraces many interests. An umbrella career could be anything such as business management, teaching, consulting, entrepreneurial work, event planning/management, journalism and more. I have chosen writing as my umbrella career - it means I can take my pick of any of my interests (roller derby, lifestyle improvement, ancient history, web design and social media... Just to name a few!) as inspiration for stories, and change as I change. 

So, what next?

I have set my sights on freelance writing, for magazines especially. Steps to get there include writing more often (yay - more blog posts!), learning to fine tune my writing, and trying to get work published and noticed. Due to saving for travel I can't afford to move to go back to school, but I am learning through online options and hitting the books. Woohoo! It's going to take a lot of learning and a general of toughening the skin to get there, but who said dreams were easy? Bring it on I say! 

Are you like me? What can you do?

Do you think you may be a renaissance soul too? Have a look at Barbara and Margarets' websites, they have quizzes you can do. Also check out my check out my post on career and lifestyle design "The Search For The Dream Job: Your Story". The biggest thing is that you can do to move forward is identify your 'thing', your umbrella or ideal job, and figure out the steps to getting there. Break it down into manageable steps (e.g. research what study you may need to do, get in touch with people who do the job you want, put your name forward for experience opportunities, and so on.) 

Nike's saying, 'Just Do It!' doesn't just mean run faster.

Do you have a dream job? Or maybe an umbrella career you think would be perfect? Are you a renaissance soul?